TERMINATOR Gen2 .30 Cal / .35 Cal Air Rifle

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Caliber .35 Cal
Weight 9.5 LBS
8.4 LBS
Barrel Lenghth 20 Inches
Overall Lenghth 40 Inches
Intergral Shroud
Cocking System Semi-Auto Shooting Air Rifle
Magazine Capacity .35 Cal 10 shots
Max Safe Air Filling Pressure 3600 PSI
Carbon Fiber Air Tank 700 CC
Muzzle Velocity .35 Cal 900 FPS 82 GR 
Muzzle Energy .35 Cal 150 ft/lbs (200 Joules) 
Optics Pica-tinny Rail Scope Mount
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CNC Machining Chassis

Floating 20’ Barrel
Power Adjustable
Powerful Bigbore Semi-Auto Shooting Air Rifle
Accurate, Powerful and easy to upgrade
Slug Shooting Capable(light weight slug under 105 Grains)

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