HP Carbine TD Semi-auto Air Rifle

HP Carbine TD Semi-auto Air Rifle

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Caliber .22 Cal
.25 Cal
Weight 5.5 LBS
Barrel Lenghth 13 Inches
Overall Lenghth 35 Inches
Butt-Stock Folded Lenghth 19.5 Inches Without Moderator
Intergral Shroud
Cocking System Semi-Auto Shooting Air Rifle
Magazine Capacity .22 Cal 12 shots
.25 Cal 10 shots
Semi-Auto Shooting Mode Working Pressure 2100-3500 PSI
Max Safe Air Filling Pressure 4500 PSI
Carbon Fiber Air Tank 450 CC
Muzzle Velocity .22 Cal 1050 FPS 18.13 GR 
.25 Cal  950  FPS 26 GR
Muzzle Energy .22 Cal 40 ft/lbs (55 Joules)
.25 Cal 55 ft/lbs (70 Joules) 
Optics 11mm Dovetail Scope Mount
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Semi-auto Shooting Air Rifle
High Performance Moderator(AIRGUN USE ONLY)

CNC Machining Chassis
Carbon Fiber Air Tank

Floating 13’ Barrel
Butt-stock fold-able with AR standard Tactical Butt-Stock interface
Accurate, Powerful and easy to upgrade new LEGO airgun Platform

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